About Us

Tom and Nicki married in 1998. Tom is a Marine Engineer and was working in Saudi Arabia for Saudi Aramco Oil Co. in their Marine Division.

Nicki had been used to working and was trying to get used to being a “stay at home” wife.  She discovered that many women had established a variety of businesses in their homes. You were not allowed to do so any other way. With Tom and Nicki both having retail in their backgrounds…they decided to open a gallery shop.

They converted their family room into a full blown gallery with glass shelving, track lighting, displays, etc. But, what would be the name?

They had recently expanded their family with two short hair red Dachshunds. They were half-sisters and born two months apart. They named them Dallas and Houston.  The Girls, as they were known, both lived to the ripe old age of 15+ and passed in 2014 within one month of each other.

But, their memory will live on forever since Nicki and Tom decided to name the gallery Two Red Dogs, after The Girls, and not to be confused with a pet store they added the tag line: an eclectic gallery.

Two Red Dogs was very popular and very successful, not to mention great fun!!! They carried lots of local antiques (as many as they could find), collectibles from their travels and even American art and jewelry that they brought back from trips back home.

When they came home, they did not want a brick and mortar store. Their nieces, Colleen and Annie rode and competed in the Arabian and Half Arabian Horse organization.  Nicki’s sister Vicki encouraged them to sell at the Arabian horse shows. And so, they decided that the Arabian horse shows would be the way to go. They also sold at Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas.

They constructed a 400 s/f booth that was designed to feel like a brick and mortar store. They were very successful here too. And again, it was lots of fun.

But, setting up that large a booth was a 36 hour +++ ordeal and the shows are long.  Getting older and still wanting to continue, an e-commerce store was the logical next step for Two Red Dogs. Their niece Colleen and her husband Conor decided that they would like to join Two Red Dogs and to keep the company going into the future. With the addition of their technical expertise it became a possibility and now a reality.

Grateful and excited, they introduce you to Two Red Dogs and look forward to a long, happy and fun relationship!

About Colleen & Conor Cooper

Colleen is excited to be joining the family business! A longtime customer and fan of Two Red Dogs, Colleen is no stranger to the designers and products her Aunt Nicki and Uncle Tom have worked hard to find for the gallery. More importantly, Colleen adored Dallas and Houston: the original two red dogs. In fact, the argument could be made that Colleen was Houston’s favorite person (after her mom and dad, of course!) Colleen’s background in program management, fundraising, start-up ventures, and avid online shopping (eek!) has prepared her for the challenge of navigating ecommerce and the retail industry. Assisted, supported, and advised by her very intelligent husband, Conor, as well as her twin three-year old daughters, Colleen looks forward to helping Two Red Dogs make an impact by bringing some fun, whimsy, and beauty online. Colleen has especially enjoyed meeting the many designers Two Red Dogs represents and carries – apart from being extraordinarily talented and creative, they are wonderful people and companies with whom she hopes to form long-lasting relationships. Conor has a full-time leadership position with an architectural products company, but lends his brilliance and experience whenever needed (read: often.) His background in retail management, pricing, market strategies, and online ventures lends a perspective that has been integral to Two Red Dog’s start up. Conor believes great online businesses are built upon the products they represent, and therefore he looks forward to establishing an online presence that showcases artwork by carefully selected and highly talented artisans. Colleen, Conor, Emma, Anna, and baby Squirt (due August 2015 – name suggestions are welcome,) reside all the way across the United States from Aunt Nicki and Uncle Tom by the beach in Massachusetts with their chocolate Labrador, Shepherd mutt, and two black cats .  When not working, volunteering, or chasing kids, Colleen and Conor can be found getting dirty in the barn with their horses…or enjoying a few margaritas on the beach. Visit Linked In for Colleen’s professional resume:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/colleenboylancooper